The enjoyment of self-motivation

Company values

More Service
The combination of an extensive range of services and the experience we have gained over decades make us a competent partner when it comes to hot-runner technology. We produce user-friendly and customised solutions for every customer requirement.

More Quality
We have high standards for quality in everything we do. Externally in our dealings with our customers and internally with respect to our partners and personnel. We do all in our power to do justice to this claim.

More Service
For us, providing extensive services involves more than just giving in-depth guidance and engaging in joint planning. It is our credo to be available to our customers 24 hours a day to create more benefit for you and accordingly for all of us. We organise practice-oriented seminars and conferences for users and designers, whereby our focus is always on your success.

More Commitment
Personal commitment is our basic attitude. To be committed means above all to work for the interests of both the customers and the company. The more committed we are, the greater the benefit for our customers and accordingly for us.

More Passion
Motivation and continual improvement are important components in our company's success. We focus on long-term and partner-style co-operation with our customers and partners.

More Progress
Not only do we rely on innovative technologies, we develop them ourselves. The only way to ensure continual success is to think about the future today. More Environment We care about the environment and are conscious about environmental compatibility both in development and design and in recycling.

More Success
There is one thing we never lose sight of, no matter what we are doing, and that is your success. Every day we strive to be a bit better. Only when we are satisfied with our own work, can we be successful.

More Togetherness
Together with our team we form a strong community. They are our employees, whose respect we care about, because our strengths develop best in a team.


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26. September 2017