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The BlueFlow® hot runner nozzle sets new standards for quality and design of parts made of thermally sensitive plastics. It is particularly slim with very small diameters. The thick-film heater makes it possible to adjust the heating capacity to the exact power requirement in each single section over the entire nozzle length in order to reach a homogeneous temperature.

The investment for the BlueFlow® hot runner nozzle is amortized in next to no time. The energy savings alone easily cover the slightly higher initial investment within two years. The investment in the BlueFlow® hot runner nozzle will quickly pay off, considering all the savings effects, such as lower energy consumption, reduced cycle times, and less scrap waste. The initially higher investment is regained in no time. Find out how much you can save with the BlueFlow® comparison calculator on our website: www.blueflow.de


  • Optimum temperature transition thanks to the large contact surfaces between the heat conducting tip and the heated material tube.
  • Reduction of the processing temperature thanks to the excellent thermal conduction of the nozzle tips. No loss of heat, since there is no contact with the mould.
  • Easy mounting and protection against leaks as well as less time spent on installation and removal.
  • Time savings and reduced tool costs due to the easy H7 geometrical fit.
  • Outstanding insulation at the front of the nozzle due to the two-component shaft, thus very little heat loss between nozzle and cavity.
  • Excellent gate quality, due to the advantageous heat transfer at the gate position.
  • Wide range of processing temperatures, since the temperature profile is linear.
  • Easy-to-install, plug-in power and thermocouple connections make assembly and disassembly easy.

The BlueFlow® hot runner nozzles are not for sale or use in the U.S. and Canada!


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