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Multi-tip nozzle OktaFlow®

Guaranteed to be free of problematic, production-related “cold slugs”, these particularly cost-effective and space-saving multi-tip nozzles in the OktaFlow® series in either radial or linear design allow direct side gating. Both designs share the same features: They can be used in conjunction with a heated adapter or in combination with a manifold for multi-cavity injection moulding. Optionally, wear-resistant nozzle tips can be used when filled materials are processed to ensure long term use in continuous operation. The tips can be replaced individually. Quick colour changes on the machine reduce downtimes.


  • Side gating less than 90° without "cold slugs".
  • Close cavity spacing in multi-cavity, compact moulds.
  • High number of cavities in a compact size.
  • No need to divide inserts
  • Mini-manifold supported on floating bearings, therefore unaffected by heat expansion.


  • Optimum temperature profile, since the control zone for the tips is separate.
  • Quick and easy replacement of nozzle tips without having to remove the entire nozzle.
  • Easy-to-install, plug-in power and thermocouple connections.
  • Less control technology required.

Multi-tip hot runner nozzles in collective housing

With the multi-tip hot runner nozzle type SGT, GÜNTHER Hot Runner Technology has developed a series which offers you the greatest amount of freedom in the configuration of your hot runner systems. The nozzle line is perfect for multi-tip gating of small parts – and that with close cavity spacing. No matter how high the demands are in terms of gate position, gate quality and shot weight, the SGT nozzle line proves to be flexible and extremely adaptable to complex demands.

Another advantage for your applications: The temperature on each tip of the SGT nozzles can be regulated separately. The nozzles allow a gentle flow of melt and permit the use of compact, multi-cavity moulds on micro-injection machines.

Benefits Type SGT

  • Simple mould construction with a minimum requirement of control technology.
  • Close cavity spacing
  • Individually controlled tips
  • Also suitable for micro-injection machines

DIN EN ISO 9001:2008

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