Hydraulic or pneumatic

Single-needle actuator

Single needle valve ENV
Single needle actuation in single and multiple systems. Sequential opening and closing of the needle allows cascade injection moulding. Integration of the actuator in the clamping plate. Needle can be adjusted or replaced without removing the tool. Narrow cavity spacing from 46 mm with hydraulic actuator, from 67 mm with pneumatic actuator.

Stepper Motor SMA 10
Up to 16 SMA 10 stepper motors can be controlled with high precision using the ServoControlSingle device. One control module for every two stepper motors is used. Needle adjustment in the range of 1/100 mm. Unrestricted suitability for clean room applications.

Single valve-gate nozzle type NEST
The pneumatically driven NEST valve-gate nozzle offers the highest process reliability in the processing of high-quality, sophisticated materials. The maximum processing temperature of > 320 °C covers a wide range of applications; material tube diameters from 5 to 12 mm and lengths of up to 250 mm make it possible to achieve a variety of moulded parts and mould designs. Ready-to-install valve-gate system.



Hydraulic, pneumatic oder electrical -

Multi-needle actuator


Sliding cam mechanism
When a row of closely spaced nozzles is to be actuated, a sliding cam mechanism should be used as a drive. Multi-cavity mould design for small mould dimensions. High product quality, as all cavities are filled uniformly by the synchronous opening and closing of the needles. Needle position can be adjusted when still installed in the machine.

Lifting plate mechanism
Reliable injection of even the lowest shot weights ensured by the even opening and closing of the needle. Practical for actuating up to 8 nozzles spaced with bigger pitches. The external cylinder can be replaced without disassembly of the tool. Needle position can be adjusted when still installed in the machine.




  • Ability to influence a running process, since each valve-gate needle can be controlled separately.
  • Basically individual cavities can be shut off.
  • Time savings thanks to the easy adjustment and replacement of the needles when installed in the machine.
  • Optimum adjustment of the needle with the help of the fine thread.


  • Replacement of the cylinder without disassembly of the tool.
  • Precise opening and closing of the valve needles by means of the guide unit.
  • Reliable injection moulding even with the lowest shot weights due to the even opening and closing of the needles.
  • Precise and intelligent needle control with simple installation and connection.


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