GÜNTHER Heisskanaltechnik since 1983

Passion for plastics

GÜNTHER Heisskanaltechnik has passionately dedicated itself to producing hot-runner systems and nozzles for the plastics industry.

We produce individual and efficient hot-runner solutions for example hot-runner nozzles, valve-gate systems, hot-runner manifolds, hot halves and hot-runner control systems.

Short delivery time – only 2 weeks

Rapid systems with BlueFlow® - hot-runner nozzle

The new BlueFlow® - nozzle technology

From now on Rapid systems have to be configured with the BlueFlow® hot-runner nozzle type SHF.

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For demanding applications

Mini hot-runner systems

Mini-Heisskanalsysteme von GÜNTHER

The small construction size and simple mould construction are convincing features in the GÜNTHER mini hot-runner systems.

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