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Hot-runner manifold

All melt transporting components are externally heated, through which an optimum melt flow at the lowest possible pressure loss is guaranteed. Sleeves protect the heater connections against damage. Due to the flexible positioning of the nozzle, any gate dimension can be chosen.

Standard manifolds are stored in the CADHOC® system designer database and are readily available for download.

Pressed-in heating elements guarantee the optimum heat transfer to the manifold and thus a homogeneous temperature distribution. A variety of manifold versions is available, from partially and fully balanced to customised solutions.

Manifold systems


  • The continuous temperature control ensures a melt flow with a low thermal load on the plastic.
  • The homogeneous temperature distribution afforded by the pressed-in heating elements enables consistent production quality even with multi-cavity moulds.
  • The variable nozzle positioning will facilitate an individual design of the moulds
  • The externally protected power connections enable a compact design.


  • Fast and easy cleaning even without auxiliary equipment, such as a fluidized bed or furnace.
  • Inexpensive and readily available: Standard straight manifolds and cross manifolds.
  • The model data is stored in the online CADHOC® database.


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DIN EN ISO 9001:2008

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