The diversity of GÜNTHER Hot-Runner Technology


You will find here examples of applications of GÜNTHER Hot-Runner Technology developed through practical experience for practical use. You can download the PDFs, which are listed according to industries. GÜNTHER's problem solving provides useful recommendations.

Industry Article Material PDF
Automotive Detonator cap for airbag Grivory PDF Download
Cover PA6.6 GF35 PDF Download
Enclosure PA6.6 GF25 PDF Download
Hybrid frame for electrical water pump PBT GF30 PDF Download
Battery plug    PP/TPE PDF Download
Consumer Skibinding    PA6 + Delrin PDF Download
Lid for kitchen appliance PP + TPE PDF Download
Tool handle    PP PDF Download
Electronics Pushbutton PA6.6 GF25, Flammschutz, TPE PDF Download
Friction disc LCP PDF Download
Medical Lid for cardiotomy reservoir PC-Lexan 124R PDF Download
Intrauterine Device EVA/PP PDF Download
Closing element POM (Hostaform) PDF Download
Middle section of injection pen ABS PDF Download
Spin Collar PC, Makrolon, Lexan PDF Download
Packaging Combination lock PP + TPE PDF Download
Closing plug PP + TPE PDF Download


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